Ritratto di Beverley Luigi Vanzan 1978

Luigi Vanzan is a figurative painter, as a printmaker he has worked mainly with linocuts.
He has taught life drawing at John Cass School of Art, at the Mall Gallery, and at the Lewisham Arthouse.  He has also worked on mural painting projects for the Royal London Hospital and David Bratby. He now works at the Lewisham Arthouse.
He has exhibited at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, Guildhall Art Gallery, Royal Festival Hall, the Royal Academy. Mall Galleries, at the Lewisham Arthouse gallery and open studios, and venues in Italy.
The focus of his work shifts between native Italy and the UK. He always carries sketchbook so is constantly drawing. Sometimes these sketches are brought together into compositions using geometrical frameworks and become the basis for paintings and prints. Drawing allows him to engage in an intimate relationship with the subject and is a means to get a grip on reality, to connect with the other, to feed, to keep going, to move forward, to protect oneself against nothingness.
He also has an interest in art theory, in particular how meaning can be ascribed to a painting and its relationship to the intention of the artist.

This site shows a selection of artworks over a period of time and part of his MA thesis on the meaning in painting practiced as a form of art, and a selection of work acquired.

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